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September 15th, 2016


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A entrada é livre e vai ter muita música pra sacolejar.




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April 19th, 2016


Tupy Podcast – 008

September 6th, 2012

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Tupy podcast features a special blend of unreleased tracks as well as classics sorted by Heliponto.


Help Me Please – Peixe Kru – CDR
Amor Aos Pés – Prespeus – CDR
Move on (Original) – Kay Suzuki – Opening EP (Incl. Atjazz & Ezel Mixes) WEB
Funktron (Peixe Kru Remix) – XRS Land – CDR
Loving – XRS Land & Mark Joshua – TP014b – Dragster (part 2: the final run) – Tupy
Just Remember (Om Unit remix) – Beat Inc. – The Formula EP – Original Cultures
Jaguar (Jeff Mills Mix) – DJ Rolando – Jaguar – UR
Algodão Doce (Kez YM Remix) – Heliponto – TP031 – Eletronia remixes
Beacharab – Pazes – CDR
can’t get enough of a bad thing (inst) – Funk d’void – CDR
Fita De Estrada – Mandinga.77 – TP007 – Tupy

Eletronia Remixes Out Now!

May 19th, 2012

TP031-Eletronia Remixes now available!

Tupy Podcast – 007

May 18th, 2012

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This month’s podcast is a highlight to our artist and founder Heliponto, mixed by XRS Land. A music passionate, her contribution to the electronic music scene in Brazil has been invaluable. In 2007 she was one of the participants of the RBMA in Toronto and since then has been producing her own compositions. Her tracks are a unique combination of poetry, Afro-Brazilian grooves and sounds captured in the everyday life. She’s now preparing her live PA and soon will be touring around the world.


01. Livros
02. Do You Love
03. Carrossel
04. Last Night Dream (with XRS Land)
05. Maseru
06. Greenmetal (XRS Land remix)
07. Johannesburg
08. Pixels (Jamie Andersson Future Jazz remix)
09. Building (with XRS Land)
10. The Perfec Heart (with XRS Land)
11. Don’t Panic (with Christian Bruno and Juan Manuel Torreblanca)