Downtown Videoclip [ecce zine #001]

ECCE ZINE was conceived out of a need for new horizons, new directions and new challenges in the visual arts, music and video.

Artists participating: Henrique Roscoe, Pink Frevd, Érica, XRS Land, Horos, Snoop, James Feeler, Vera Medina, Dada Attack, Bmind

All revenue will be donated to a different non-profit organization on each zine edition. This edition all the revenue will be donated to the Santa Fé Charity Association, a non-governmental, secular, nonprofit organization.
Santa Fé has been working with children and teenagers, victims of abuse, neglect and sexual violence, many of them from the streets of São Paulo. Including the teaching of music and arts, the service is multidisciplinary and extends also to their families. Since its founding, Santa Fé has already served thousands of young people and children offering the appropriate environment and support to realize their full potential.

XRS Land Downtown:

video + music length: 6’40 location: Berlin
model: Laíza Dantas
camera: Rodrigo Pocidônio / Paula Hemsi / Romy Fuchs
edit: Michael Nicassio
music: XRS Land